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Let's Defund Stupidity!

Why Congress?

I am from a proud family that has served this country for as long as I can remember. My father’s family goes back 7 generations of military and law enforcement Americans all the way back to my ancestors serving in the Colonial militia in the American Revolution. My mother’s family were refugees from Europe after World War 2, fleeing Soviet communist persecution. 


As a kid, I wanted to be a fighter pilot, but God had other plans for me and I never lost my devotion to defend my country. After earning a master’s degree in Philosophy, and as in the midst of my PhD work in Nuclear War Strategy at King’s College London, I saw American decline because of weak and inept leadership--first, when Russia invaded Crimea and then when ISIS almost took over Iraq. I couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore and left my doctoral program to serve my country. 


I was station in Quantico, Virginia as a Counterintelligence Officer, protecting our country’s most guarded secrets from Russian and Chinese spies. While serving overseas with European Command, I became a Naval Officer in the United States Navy Reserve. As an intelligence officer, I’ve seen the best this country has to offer and I’ve seen some of the most wasteful and inept as well. I know what it will take to root out the rot that some have allowed to take hold. I am nobody’s ‘yes man’ and I will not be elected to manage the decline of a great nation. 

Matt Shoemaker  NC 13  Congress

3 Key Messages

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What are 3 key messages of your campaign and what are the main points you want voters to remember about your goals for your time in office?


- For too long our politicians have been more interested in making a point rather than making a difference. It’s time for principled, decent people to serve their country rather than extremist ideologues more interested in making a name for themselves. 

- Despite all the divides us, despite all the corruption, people that I’ve spoken to Democrats and Republicans alike still believe in the inherent goodness of the American system. Defending our rights, liberties, and hard won freedoms has never been so important. 

- We North Carolinians are famous for our courage. More North Carolinians volunteered to fight for freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan than from any state of its size. More North Carolinians served in the War on Terror than any state of its size; and more North Carolinians gave their lives in those wars than from any other state of its size. It’s time we send someone to Washington who will show our country the best of what we have to offer. 


My immediate goals are replacing the destructive Bidenomic policies with basic, sensible solutions. Our economy is suffering from two major calamities: exorbitantly expensive so called ‘green energy’ and out of control government spending. Both reinforce each other’s inflationary results. I will lead to expand American energy secure with clean fossil fuel expansion. Spiraling energy costs underly almost every element of our economy. Second, our government spends money like a drunken sailor with no regard for the consequences. No family could operate like our government has. It’s time we had someone who understands basic economics back representing us in Washington.


What areas of public policy are you passionate about?


- Seeing people take charge of their own lives, take up responsibility, and find meaning in their lives from their families, loved ones, their country, and their work is what I’m passionate about. Helping people realize their own potential rather than claiming the government can solve their problems for them is my passion. 

- My brothers and sisters in uniform hold a place close to my heart which is why I’m incensed that the Pentagon expects my brothers and sisters to fight for their country while 25% of all service members reported being on food stamps or food insecure. All the while the Defense Department has no idea where over $500 billion of its $850 budget is spent. As a patriotic American, I don’t mind paying for a world class military as long as that cost is wisely spent. I will hold these corrupt and inept officials accountable for the waste, fraud, and abuse they are allowing to spread in the federal government. Anyone in any department of government whether it be the Defense Department, Justice Department, or other, watch out. You will answer for what you have been entrusted with.  

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