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Matt's Journey

From the Iron Curtain to the Halls of Congress: A True American Patriot

For most, a knock at the door is not an earth-shattering event. For Matt’s grandfather in 1947 Hungary, those thumps were from Soviet Red Army soldiers, rifles in hand, who ordered his family to gather what they could carry and gave them 30 minutes to be herded into railway boxcars to East Germany. They were the lucky ones. Countless people lie in graves across the world—victims of socialist cleansing of Christian and capitalist people. However, years later, seeing the Statue of Liberty as his ship pulled into New York, Matt’s grandfather recalled that She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, until the day he met his future wife.  

Stories like this of his grandfather’s harrowing experience with communism left an indelible mark on Matt growing up. His father's 28-year service as an enlisted man in the Coast Guard instilled in him a deep sense of patriotism and duty. Matt’s mother, a nurse aid in the public school system, (who raised four kids, two dogs, and a whole lot of heck) showed him the true meaning of caring for others. Even his grandparents, having sought refuge in America, taught him gratitude for the opportunities and freedoms this great nation offered. Their guidance planted the seeds of service in his heart, sparking a desire to give back to his country. 

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Shadow Face pic of Intel Officer Matt Shoemaker

When Russia invaded Crimea in 2014, Matt witnessed the consequences of weak leadership in Washington. Fueled by a sense of duty and determination to protect America's interests, he overcame rigorous challenges to join the Defense Intelligence Agency and later served in the United States Navy as an Intelligence Officer. 


       Key Qualifications

  • Counterintelligence Officer in Quantico, Virginia

  • Intelligence Officer, United Kingdom, US European Command

  • Lieutenant, U.S. Navy, Intel Officer, US Central Command

  • PhD work, Nuclear War Strategy, King’s College London

  • U.S. Army War College, Strategic Defense Policy

Returning home to North Carolina after completing his active duty orders, Matt made his mark as a respected military and national security commentator. His insightful analysis reached millions through his appearances on prestigious news outlets like Fox News and Newsmax, as well as publications like the International Business Times, the Times of Israel, Barron's, and others. However, inspired by the resilience and courage North Carolinians have played in the life of our Republic, Matt decided to take his dedication to service to the next level and run for Congress.


Armed with firsthand knowledge of the challenges America faces, Matt will bring strong leadership, conservative values, and a commitment to freedom to the halls of Congress. His journey from the grandson of a refugee to dedicated patriot and military expert exemplifies the American Dream and the unwavering spirit that drives those who are committed to defending freedom. Matt is poised to make a lasting impact and fight for the values that make America a beacon of hope and a shining city on a hill.   

Matt in Military Uniform at attention in front of US Military Flags

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