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Border Security = Family Security

Rising crime rate and the crisis of illegal immigration threaten the very fabric of our nation. A secure and prosperous America begins with reestablish the rule of law rather than the arbitary rule of man of recent years. Preserving the sovereignty and security of our great nation is the cornerstone of every government. While America has always been a land of opportunity and refuge, it is crucial that we uphold the rule of law and maintain a fair and orderly immigration system. As a nation built on the principles of freedom and opportunity, we welcome those who come to our shores through legal means, while also safeguarding our borders from illegal entry.


As a candidate for Congress, my heart goes out to every family that has experienced the devastating effects of fentanyl abuse. The addiction to this drug is debilitating and can destroy not only the person using it, but also their family and loved ones. I am committed to taking action against this epidemic and bringing relief to those affected.


To make our streets safe we must defend our law enforcement not defund them. Crime thrives in communities when we have more sympathy for the criminal than the victim. Nor should we be ashamed to uphold our constitutional 1st and 2nd Amendment rights as law abiding citizens. We will uphold the rule of law and embrace the principles that have made America a nation where safety and sovereignty reign supreme.

Human Trafficking

If only our politicians cared as much about protecting our border as they do about defending Ukraine's borders. Democrats' open border policy has encouraged human traffickers to make the US the trafficking capital of the world. Each year, 300,000 American children are at risk of human trafficking. That ends now.
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