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It's time for change. We see our grocery bills and gas prices continue to rise in North Carolina. Together, we feel the impact of a weak dollar. Home ownership is unreachable, businesses are downsizing, and basic goods consume our budget. We must unleash the true potential of our economy by implementing pro-growth conservative policies and end the crushing inflationary scheme of Bidenomics. We will reignite the engine of American ingenuity and empower a thriving economy for the middle class by prioritizing energy independence, reducing oppressive regulations, and cutting wasteful spending.

Increasing Costs

Democrats' inflationary policies are crushing young workers and fixed-income elderly alike, threatening to destroy the lives of millions of Americans. Prices continue to spiral upward and all because government is too big and spends too much of our money. You can send a message that you want a new beginning. 

Debt Crisis

The Federal budget is out of control. You and I can live beyond our means, take on more debt, open new credit cards, but only for a short time. Why should we think our nation is not bound by the same restriction? The era of rising interest rates and low growth can end but we must act today to save tomorrow.

Job Market

Democrats claim to tax businesses as a sneaky way to increase our taxes. But businesses don't pay taxes, they pass on taxes imposed on them to us consumers. Leftist tax policies are crushing American workers. We will lower tax rates to stimulate productivity and slash government spending to reduce unemployment and inflation.  

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