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America's Enemies are Emboldened

A strong and capable military is the cornerstone of a secure and prosperous nation. We must rebuild our armed forces with the focus on competency and lethality--not woke ideology. We will have a military ready to defend our country and its values. The world is becoming a more dangerous place and the need for a robust military and unwavering commitment to national security remains constant. Today, it is crucial that we honor the legacy of a strong defense and carry forward the principles that made America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Together, let us unite in bolstering our military might, fortify our alliances, and safeguard our nation.

China Aggression

Today, China's dangerous military buildup threatens global stability and our cherished values. From militarizing the South China Sea, stealing American company intellectual property, to violating our territorial integrity with secret police stations and spy balloons, we must stand united against Communist China's primitive philosophy that might makes right. We will prevent members of the Chinese Communist Party from obtaining visas to come to the United States, buying property, or funding schools to spy on us and promote their ideology.

America's Military Readiness

The Defense Department needs immediate reform. 25% of our armed forces report being on food stamps or are food insecure. While our troops and their families go hungry, the Pentagon claims it doesn't know where 60% of its $850 billion budget is spent. What is worse is leftist generals and admirals believe meeting their diversity and gender targets will terrify any enemy into immediate surrender. By investing in innovation and technology, holding people accountable, and fostering a culture of reform, we will ensure our military is the most lethal and capable force on the planet.

Russia Instability

America has always stood with others in their fight for freedom but we will ensure our generosity is not abused or squandered. Democrats foolishly send weapons and money to Ukraine to fight Russia, but Democrats also keep gas prices artificially high, allowing Russia to earn billions to wage war against Ukraine. We will take a whole of government approach for a peaceful end to the war so Russia cannot endanger global commerce, support tyrannical governments, or threaten to invade Europe. Our assistance to Ukraine will depend on accountability so America's interests are protected and corruption exterminated.  
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